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HR solutions for the gig economy

The world of labor is changing.
Flexibility is the new normal.
How flexible is your organization?

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Manage your flexible workforce with ease

HR software that allows you to deliver services flawlessly – at the right time, in the right place and with the right team member.
  • Full visibility

    Set your selection criteria, utilise the search and filter mode to find who you’re looking for and rank workers.

  • Pool management

    Easily manage your talent pool, approve new workers and tag their skills. Organise existing workers.

  • Quick access

    Schedule workers and send out urgent requests

Workforce challenges?

Managing a flexible workforce is incredibly challenging. For any shift or project, you have to handle recruitment, team selection, planning, scheduling, payroll and communication. And, frequently you need to use a multitude of different systems that don’t speak to each other.

Are you a worker and do you use the app?


Create your flex-pool

Meet clevergig. A single platform that houses all the services you need to easily manage your temporary workforce. Onboard your team to our platform and get started.

Get the right person for the job

Let the clevergig mobile app go to work. Send out a request to the workers in your pool quickly and easily. Team members get alerted immediately and in no time the open shift or project is filled.

On-demand services for a global workforce in transformation
  • Profile management

    Search, filter and rank your pool of workers

  • Recruiting

    Expand your pool using our recruitment module

  • Planning and gig creation

    Schedule workers and send out urgent requests

  • Payroll

    Connect to our payroll partners and outsource all the admin

  • Reporting and analytics

    Get insights into how your pool is performing and where the gaps are

Ben je werknemer en gebruik je de app?

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